The Savvy Women's Alliance is proudly a national chapter-based nonprofit. 

We are a national network of local chapters created for the curious-to-the-passionate who want to learn more about 'nontoxic living.'  Together, we offer a more-welcoming and less-overwhelming way to createa little changes.  We create a tremendous impact on our health, homes and planet through a do-able (and fun ) journey. We don't sell products.


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"But goin' organic is expensive.  I really can't do this now."  We get it.   It’s not wrong to think like this.  As a matter of fact, it’s pretty darned normal. The reality is there are many tiny changes you can implement that hardly cost a dime. 

  • Receive one tip a day to create a healthier home and planet.
  • Each tip will either save you money or won't cost a dime.
  • Our tips are super doable and simple.
  • Enjoy our monthly-themed blog twice a month. 

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