Eight Pieces of Wisdom That Make Savvy So Amazing.

We are a nonprofit member-style association, focused on exploring 'nontoxic living' through enrichment and community. The Savvy Women's Alliance is the vision of Kristi Marsh, speaker, and award-winning author of Little Changes.  She believes deeply that all women have the right to understand what is happening in their own homes, or to  become 'Savvy.'  Kristi formed this national nonprofit organization for women to have a welcoming  place to learn about the hot topic of nontoxic living, until it becomes mainstream. 

Kristi's journey started with a stage three breast cancer tumor that turned her own mainstream lifestyle upside down. She hopes other journeys will start with her contribution: a nonprofit organization for women to help them down their own nontoxic living path. 

The essence of Savvy is based on these beliefs:  


     Nontoxic Living Can Be Easy. The hardest part of change is simply change itself.  We will help you do that one product at a time. Learn something interesting, see if there is a better product, replace what you've used, and move on. Changing out products? Well, it’s pretty doable when we stick together.


  To Stay in the Know, Stick with Us. It's not your fault if you weren't aware ofnail_polish.jpg what is happening with the safety of everyday products most of us use. Information about what's safe and what's not can confuse us or put us on overload!  Some of the science about toxicity in our everyday products has been known for decades, but it is just now percolating up to the curious mainstream. Many additional details are being discovered every month, offering us new places to learn. To stay in the know, stay connected with us.


  Budget Friendly is Doable. We’ll  tear down the old notion that all healthy, organic or nontoxic products are expensive and out of reach for every household. There are many options out there to create a healthy home and save money at the same time.  Don’t believe us?  Heck, we love a challenge.  Let us show you!


  You are NOT Alone.  Down the road another woman just like you is asking the same questions. And another and another. Savvy unites us.  Surround yourself with like-minded women and your learning curve will take off like a rocket!


  Learning Without Judgment. You have the right to explore the nontoxic living world in a safe, intimate space, on your own time, with like-minded women.  Savvy has no room for aggressive, vulgar, attacking, negative, or salesmanship rhetoric. Who needs the guilt? Not us. This is a "play nice only" zone.



You are One Smart Chick. You are curious, intelligent and savvy. Your thoughts, curiosity, questions, and ideas are all important contributions here. The questions you ask, and tips you share, will help others. Savvy women are pretty amazing. 



  The Power is in the Sisterhood.  Savvy is unique in that it  embraces a hybrid strategy of combining online communities with local on-the-ground chapters. Savvy recognizes that true change happens in a personal community network that fosters connection, sharing of local ideas through a positive culture of enthusiasm, encouragement and the celebration of little and big steps. When we unite through a whole-focus structure, we become powerful agents of change in our homes, schools and community.


  Health Matters. A lot. Not just matters, but your beautiful, healthy self is an essential resource to protect and revere. We believe you deserve the healthiest life possible, for yourself, your children, your loved ones, and for the very future of this planet.

Bottom line? There isn't anything around like Savvy.

When you link arms with us, your impact will be tremendous for generations to come.