Introducing the Savvy Women's Alliance Founding Board

It is our deepest honor to be of service to you,  enhance your journey and to make the world a better place.  If you would like to connect with any of our team members, please contact us here. 

Kristi Marsh Savvy Women's Alliance Founder

As a recognized national speaker and award winning author of Little Changes, Kristi is obsessed about making nontoxic living discussion-able and doable for the everyday woman. Kristi started her journey after a breast cancer diagnosis & a chemotherapy wake-up call at age 35, with three little kids at home. After a wild journey, learning about nontoxic living, Kristi started on a mission to flip the academic topic of environmental health into an embraceable mainstream norm through speaking engagements at 
Kristi believes during these times of rapidly unfolding science and environmental health that women have the inherent right to protect their health, and the health of their families from harmful ingredients found in personal care products, food, and other products.
Savvy was born from the pulsing belief and duty to ensure every woman who wants to learn, participate, and make a difference will have a home as nontoxic living shifts to the new norm for mainstream women.

Savvy Tip

A little cup at the kitchen sink with baking soda is the answer to much scrubbing woes.  Sprinkle it onto pans with a little water after scrambled eggs or casseroles, and cleaning is much easier.

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Cindy Luppi Director of Nonprofit Relations


Cindy Luppi is the New England Director for Clean Water Action. She has worked with Clean Water Action since 1994, helping to coordinate a number of coalitions and community-based efforts to reduce pollution and promote a cleaner, more sustainable economy. She sits on a broad range of steering committees and boards, from national chemical reform efforts to local grassroots groups including HealthLink and the Massachusetts Climate Action Network. Among other clean energy and climate initiatives, she coordinated the Northeast Clean Power Campaign which successfully pressed for clean-up of the region's biggest industrial polluters, the oldest and most polluting coal and oil-fired power plants in New England. She represents Clean Water Action on the Green Justice Coalition which is dedicated to stimulating green jobs creation in growth sectors such as energy efficiency and providing pathways out of poverty in low income communities of color in Massachusetts. She also acts as a senior strategist and steering committee member for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national effort dedicated to replacing toxic chemicals in personal care products with safer alternatives. Prior to her work at Clean Water, Cindy coordinated the Cree Speaking Tour for Massachusetts Save James Bay and was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Central African Republic. 

Supporting her mom through an 8 year battle with lymphoma has cemented her determination to prevent harm to our health from toxic chemicals wherever possible. 

Savvy Tip

Cindy is addicted to Dunkin Donuts iced coffee...using refillable mugs means zero plastic pollution AND refills for a buck and change. 

Sandy Spector Treasurer


Sandy has obsessed about food labels since her teen was in diapers. She learned early that food dyes caused violent fits of rage in her otherwise happy boy. Now she reads labels for ALL her products and cleaning agents. As an independent consultant for Beautycounter, Sandy helps others make healthier choices through education and access to safe, chic and effective products. With a 25 year background in nonprofits, Sandy brings her business management skills, sense of humor, and passion for smart living to Savvy Women’s Alliance. She is a lover of history and living history interpretation, reading, hand-sewing and outdoor activities, no matter the season. Sandy lives with her husband and 3 children (19, 17 and 8 ½) in Stoughton, MA.

Savvy Tip

Turn cleaning the tub into a science project! Wet the tub and have the kids climb in. Sprinkle baking soda liberally over the bottom. Have kids use a scrub brush to scrub the tub. When done, add white vinegar to the baking soda piles for a fun sizzling effect – your own scrubbing bubbles! Kids can continue to scrub until tired of it. Rinse the tub clean!

Donna Morin Secretary


Donna often credits her son with saving her life. Prior to his birth, her lifestyle habits left her with chronic bouts of asthma attacks, severe hay fever, extra weight, and back pain that had her contemplating surgery. Baby-stepping her way to better nutrition, exercise habits, and detoxing her environment after his arrival, Donna gradually took charge of her health. Today she can be found trekking across the state on her bike, hiking to mountain peaks, running races, and sometimes even leaping tall buildings in a single bound. She is director of a local wellness center, facilitates the before-school BOKS program in her town, and pulls weeds in the school garden. Donna shares recipes, tips, and her empowerment message through her coaching business at

Savvy Tip

Drink warm water with a squeeze of half a lemon a few times a week. It’s a great way to detox your body! Body bonus if you add a half tsp of turmeric and cinnamon, and a sprinkle of black pepper.

Angel Santos Burres Director of Enrichment


Skeptical.  That's how Angel describes herself.  For years, she had judged her four vegan cousins from the sidelines, and thought surely one in particular had drunk the tofu Kool-Aid. If store-bought and conventional products and food weren't good for us, how could it possibly be sold in the stores? Angel says she needed to be hit over the head with a sledgehammer, which came in the form of breast cancer. Rather than being ecstatic after her "cure" like her friends and family were, Angel was terrified. What if the cancer returned? What if she didn't survive this time? She found answers in Kristi's book, Little Changes, and has not stopped sharing what she's learned since. Angel has spent 20 years working for non-profit and public education organization in a myriad of roles.

Savvy Tip

Treat yourself to a stainless steel water bottle and travel mug. Less waste. Fresher-tasting beverages.

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Christine Evans Director of Business Relations


Christine is an eco-health purist at heart. Though currently working in HR benefits, her advanced degree in Environmental Health is at the core of all she is and believes in. From product ingredients to sustainability and environmental impact, Christine is always striving to find the best businesses and products on the market for use in her home and with her husband and two boys. Her uncompromising outlook and values are just two of the strengths she brings to her role as the Director of Business Relations, where her goal is to bring awareness to those companies who offer safe and healthy products for consumers and partner our alliance members with businesses who share their passion for health, environment, and world. 

Savvy Tip

Repurpose just about everything—from drinking out of empty jam jars to using onion bags as tub scrubbies. Reduce, reuse, recycle.


Rachel Vidoni Director of Charitable Mission


Rachel is your average, every-day mom. Working with Kristi Marsh on her book, Little Changes, three years ago led Rachel on the path to chicken rearing and all things eco-health related. As a single mom of three awesome kids, she is constantly striving to maintain the balance between health, practicality, affordability, and her teens’ desires for processed foods. While her background is in education, writing, editing, and marketing, one of Rachel’s true passions in life is to serve others through education and outreach. As Savvy’s Director of Charitable Mission, her goal is to bring eco-health topics and can-do tips to women, teens, and children who are underrepresented in the movement. While she doesn’t have much free time, she does manage to squeeze in a few minutes here and there to work in her garden, make jam and pickles, and build things with her chop saw.

Savvy Tip

Use baking soda and vinegar to clean just about everything.

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