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We would love to introduce your brand to those who are actively learning about environmental health and are eager to transition to products that are better for families and the planet.

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Our Foundation of Values

The Savvy Women’s Alliance knows that our community is looking for brands that are using the safest, smartest, most sustainable ingredients and materials possible, while making products that are accessible and more affordable to many. To provide our readers, members, and chapters a starting point, we offer our  “Savvy Recommendations;” a directory of companies that have pledged to adhere to our pro-consumer, pro-environment criteria.

Components of the Savvy Recommendations Pledge

  • Free-Of List   We ask companies to pledge that they are “Free-Of” the most problematic and harmful ingredients used in consumer products. For example, chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive and endocrine/system toxins, and mutagens. Some of the chemicals on the list are groups of chemicals (e.g. all parabens, all phthalates). Prohibited ingredients apply to intentionally added ingredients, intentionally used materials, and known incidental ingredients or contaminants in both product formulation and packaging. 
  • Ingredient Transparency  Companies must be committed to ingredient transparency.  This means full disclosure of ingredients on product labels and/or websites. Ingredients include fragrances, dyes and preservatives.  
  • Full Brand  Brands included in our Savvy Recommendations comply with these elements across their full consumer product line, not just a portion of their line (e.g. 2 out of 5 products). This limits our ability to create an extensive directory, but it provides clarity for our readers; they won’t have to stop to ask themselves which of a given company’s products uphold our standards when they are making a purchase.*
  • Engage in Continued Dialogue To Contribute Toward Momentum  We would like our relationship to be more than a directory and a checklist. Through an open dialogue, we can share concerns, collaborate to find solutions, and celebrate success.  When our readers and members support a brand, they are not only purchasing a product, impacting a dynamic system that reaches out to the health of our soil, air, water and planet. If we uphold safer products, then we have to think about the full picture and continue to advance with current topics.   Read through the current topics of concern here.   You will be happy to know: The following topics do not rule brands out from being included, but creates a platform for celebration, momentum and education.

Ah, if it could only be that simple.  In addition to the values above there are a few category specific standards:

  • Food Products  We seek to support food products which meet or exceed USDA Organic requirements and do not use styrene, BPA, BPS, PVC, or phthalates in packaging that comes in contact with food. 
  • Household Consumables This category encompasses skin care, cosmetics, body care and household cleaners. We ask that companies share their positions on proactive, precautionary and sustainable ingredient sourcing, including disclosing how they support sustainable growing practices for plant based ingredients.
  • Essential Oils Using properties of plants to assist us in daily living is not a new practice, and predates modern consumerism. In more recent times, essential oils offer alternatives for those who are moving away from known harmful products or synthetic fragrances. Now, essential oils in consumerism is exploding with many options on the market. While there are many to choose from, our Savvy Recommendations can only include brands that meet our core foundation values and: 
    • Offer USDA organics, or supersedes those requirements, when and where applicable.
    • Offer to consumer the Latin name of the ingredients in an easily accessible place, in order to support their right to know and safely use products.
  • Unique Categories: Additional considerations might apply to specific categories of consumer products that don't fall into the first two categories.  We will evaluate these on a case by case base, but we won’t compromise our four foundation values. (For example, known effectiveness of water filters, interior building supplies benchmarks, etc. ) 
  • Excluding Supplements: We do not focus on the effectiveness or safety of supplements, including vitamins, minerals herbs, or other botanicals for use as a health or diet aid. We are not considering who are exclusively supplement brands at this time.  However, if a brand sells supplements in addition to consumer packaged goods, it is the packaged goods that we would be addressing.