Coming 2017: Our Savvy Recommendations. 

The Savvy Recommendations will be Savvy's member resource directory for go-to better-for-us businesses.  We are currently taking recommendations, vetting brands and having discussions with owners in preparation for launch of this exciting feature. 

Are you a business? Forgive us for being a little protective, but our members mean the world to us.

Many of our members are new-to-the-movement and just starting to replace their traditional branded product choices. Many will only make this brand-switch once and move on.  The Savvy Marketplace will be a collection of our recommendations.

We want to celebrate better-for-us businesses. 

Would you like your business to be highlighted in our Savvy resource directory?  (A basic line listing is on-the-house.) That is, if we have mutually aligned values. Ultimately, we have to draw the line and ensure our members have a right to know what is in their products and that those products are safe to use.  We bet you agree. 

We invite you to take a deeper look at Savvy Women's Alliance Sponsor Values and Chemicals of Concern.   

To start, we believe:

  • In products without the presence of carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins or endocrine disruptors or as a known byproduct
  • In companies with food and agriculture products who meet or supersede USDA organic standards where applicable. 
  • In those who provide full disclosure of ingredients – including fragrance, dyes and preservatives where applicable, in products on labels and/or websites, without creating conflicting and confusing messaging, by providing product-specific disclosure of all ingredients.
  • In companies who do not use chemicals of concern listed by our Founding Nonprofits: Women’s Voices for the Earth’s “Chemicals to Avoid” list, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ Red list, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families’ Hazardous 100+ list and respected resources, such as the National Toxicology Program and the Report on Carcinogens. 

A closer look:

The Savvy Marketplace directory is not an endorsement, or a certification.  It is an ongoing resource of curated brands we feel offer better-for-us products, if not perfect ones.  

The Savvy Marketplace is pretty amazing. Not all brands are perfect, but that is the point really, because neither is our world at this time. Within a single category there might be better, even better and pretty awesome.   We call this 'choosing wiser', when and where we can.  

We worked intensely to create a system to vet out 'green-washers' or dishonest companies. If the situation arises, after multi-levels of vetting, that a business on the Savvy Marketplace has conflicting values, or behaves poorly, it will be removed immediately, regardless of any sponsor fees paid.