Donate Forward or Gift to a Friend 

Donate Forward     We will respectfully match your donation to those who are financially challenged but would like to participate in a chapter. 

Gift to a Friend    A thoughtful fresh gift for that health-focused or light green friend.   We will email the recipient to announce that a gift (Little Changes) is en route.   They can activate their Savvy Women's Alliance membership at anytime!    

A $45.00 Savvy Women's Alliance One Year Membership includes:
  • Access to the Savvy  Gatherings  and other educational tools
  • A Little Changes paperback ($18.99 value) sent directly to the recipient -  autographed!
  • Plus, we will absorb handling and shipping costs ;) 
You can gift as many as you would like. Since each gift will be thoughtfully personalized, please complete each gift transaction separately.   

STEP ONE: Complete the form below about YOU, the gifter. 

Contact Information


$36 for one year

Payment Information

STEP TWO:  Complete the form on the next page about the recipient. 

If you are gifting forward, leave the next form blank.