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Lori Alper practiced law for many years before her health started to fail. The fast-paced, stressful lifestyle in which she immersed herself no longer felt satisfying, and her focus began to shift on ways to live clean.  After two of her children received diagnoses of life-threatening food allergies, her commitment to toxic-free living felt cemented.

“I was amazed by the amount of information I found and disappointed that much of this information wasn’t readily available to consumers,” she says.Groovy_Green_Livin.jpg

In 2010, Lori founded Groovy Green Livin. The informational blog includes posts like, Mom Detective: Are Wrinkle-Free Sheets Making Me Sick? and My Search for a Safe Waffle Maker, but also posts like How I Fixed My Phone When I Dropped It in Water (Note: it involves rice.). Lori says that writing and speaking publicly has given her a much-needed venue to share information and to connect with others interested in a green lifestyle.

What has changed since Lori began her own search?

“I’ve noticed a significant shift in who’s interested in green living. Many more companies are interested in bringing green living into the workspace and to their employees. Overall, women are very receptive to my message and it quickly becomes our message. There are many rewards when you begin to share your passion. Quite frequently I have readers reach out to let me know about the changes they’re making in their lives. Regardless of how big or small these changes are, I’m always moved to know that I’ve impacted someone’s life.”

Being a mom with boys who live in a culture saturated with processed food, however, means healthy lifestyle choices do not equate with perfection.

“There are times they just want to eat candy and not worry about food coloring or high fructose corn syrup. I’m OK with that, but I also strive to educate my children. It’s my hope that someday they realize the importance of all this information and integrate it into their own lives.”

~Lori Alper lives in the Greater Boston area with her three sons, chocolate lab and groovy husband. Learn more of her green tips through www.groovygreenlivin.com

 Tips To Start Blogging

  • A good first step is to narrow your focus, at least to start. Do you have a particular interest in food or personal care products? Is your target single women, mothers or the growing Baby Boomer population? Deciding ahead of time will help to streamline your research and focus your marketing.
  • And what about marketing? Do you have to go big and (eek) public? Nope. You can choose when and if you want your blog platform to be seen by anyone other than you and your cat, but never underestimate the power of your words. What you share today can plant seeds in another family tomorrow.
  • Testing the water? We will help you out. If you want a safe place to stretch your keyboard tapping fingers, let us give you a hand. We believe YOU have a story, let us share it forward and celebrate your voice.
    • You don't have to be an expert on toxins, you just need to be an expert at your story. Easy enough!
    • When you share your personal experience, you will shift someone's life – other women need to hear your story.
    • We have a world of supportive readers who would love to cheer you on.
  • ShiftCon is a must. ShiftCon is the first media conference created to bring together the online eco-wellness blogging universe into one powerful community. You can attend workshops on social media best practices, food safety, nutrition and wellness, GMOs, organic and sustainability – and through networking events, hospitality suites and a product expo. ShiftCon also offers opportunities to meet with companies and nonprofits creating a healthier, more sustainable world. All levels are welcome! 
  • Let go of perfection. Finally, our founder, Kristi Marsh shares "You don't have to be a perfect writer at heart, it is your story that will touch hearts."  Then again, she does believe in a team of incredible editors. 
  • Grow your following. If you already have a love for the written word, we invite you to consider joining the Savvy Writing Team. We strive for a balance of environmental health experts and those who are experts at being curious and mainstream. Both camps have vital insight and perspective to share. 
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