Guidelines for Facebook Event Page SetUp 

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While Savvy recognizes the relevance and ease of social media, the board requests that there be no private Facebook pages created for Savvy Women's Alliance Chapters.

As your chapter grows,  your members will learn about Gatherings through your Chapter’s Discussion page in the Savvy Cafe. This tool creates a safe, uniform and intimate way of communicating with your members.

But, we do encourage the creation of Facebook Event page to launch your first Meet & Greet as you build your initial member base. Follow these guidelines to proudly uphold the Savvy Women's Alliance’s voice and branding, as well as our trademark and nonprofit status.  Learn more with our Social Media Policy

Savvy is grateful for all that our Chapter Ambassadors do to create a welcoming, curious, and supportive environment and we thank you for your assistance in this matter. 


Sample Page Facebook Event Page for Your First Meet & Greet  

Here is a Sample Page for you to emulate.  You can even replicate suggested posts to start discussions. 


How To Create A Facebook Event Page

Use your personal Facebook profile and Create an Event.  Do not use a business account to create a Savvy Women's Alliance event. 

  • Image:                   Copy image from above. Facebook requires it to be 1920 x 1080.  
  • Event Name:     Savvy Women's Alliance New Chapter Meet & Greet 
  • Category:            Health  Wellness 
  • Description:      Your personal message. This is an example:
Hi! Will you support me by attending this event? I am very to proud to announce I will be launching our local chapter of the Savvy Women's Alliance!  (@savvywomensalliance) I love what they stand for and encourage those who are curious to attend - this isn't just for the uber passionate like me! The evening will be about sharing Savvy Women's Alliance and talking about what we might want to explore together. You do not have to be a member to attend and no products will be sold - come to learn and connect with like-minded women. I'd love your input and feedback!  (include website link) 
  • Keywords:         Health
  • Free Admission 
  • Co host:              Include your co-ambassador here 
  • Tickets:               Leave blank 
  • Options:             Anyone can post (all posts must be approved) 
  • Guest List:        Unchecked   
  • Integrate other tools:   No need to integrate other tools such as Eventbrite etc.
  • Do not create ads or sell tickets.  


Start the Discussion

Suggested discussion posts to add:  

PIN this to the top: Click "interested or going" here on Facebook, but the best place to stay updated to the chapter launch is by leaving your email right on the homepage here:
It's okay just to check us out. You can even use the free tool 20 Budget Friendly Tips. It's all about learning. Saving some $$$ isn't a bad idea either!
What is a Savvy Women's Alliance chapter? Good question!
Love!  Do you find 'nontoxic living' sometimes hard to describe? Sometimes, a video is worth 1000 words. It's time to become Savvy.  (Share video from this page to your event): 
I love  #7 the most!   Eight core beliefs from the Savvy Women's Alliance.

Tips From Chapter Ambassadors: 

  • Careful when typing @savvywomensalliance as there are several misleading pages out there. 
  • Respond to posts and mention their name "@triciasmith we would love for you to attend! I know your story is moving! Maybe one day you can share with us your adventures in raising chicks?! "    
  • First meet and greet done? Hold another! 
  • You can make edits leading up to the event. However, once you reach a large number of responses, you can only change the time or location of the event three times. Once the event begins, you will not be able to edit the event details.
  • As mentioned, do not use Facebook Event pages as your main tool. Like associations or organization with chapters, we have solid tools for you to use for your chapter. 
  • Location can be at your home, a local smoothie shop, library.... lots of options!
  • Learn more about Facebook Events. 

Send us more ideas!