Welcome to the Savvy Women’s Alliance

The Savvy Women’s Alliance is a nonprofit member-style association focused on exploring nontoxic living through enrichment and community, and shifting nontoxic living to the new mainstream norm.  

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Over the last few decades, we have come to understand and accept how our actions can impact our environment.  We understand how day-to-day choices can impact our air, water and the soil we grow our food in.

Now, unfolding in our generation, is the growing understanding of how our environment interacts with the health of our beautiful bodies.  

Understanding this, and making wise choices to protect our bodies, homes and plant is the essence of “nontoxic living.” 

  • The Savvy Women's Alliance takes on a unique approach, combining online social and communities with in-person community chapters.
  • We provide encouragement, support and education.
  • We share topics by two month theme. Explore, make changes, move forward.  
  • We refer to this as nontoxic living simplified. 


What are Savvy chapters?

In short, Chapters are the heart and soul of the Savvy Women's Alliance.

They are informal communities, as simple as five or more women getting together at least five times a year.  During these "gatherings," women share their stories, exchange tips and tricks, provide nonjudgmental support, and have fun, all in the name of simplifying their journey toward nontoxic living.

 We even provide ideas and resources for Chapters so gathering activities can range from discussions to workshops or speakers, or book clubs, movies and field trips to DIY fun.

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Here our founder, Kristi Marsh, shares insight on "why Savvy" at our recent annual event, Talk Savvy To Me.

  There are four  videos included in the above playlist. Move through any of the snippets or the full presentation. 


Do I have to be an expert in non-toxic living?

Participating in a Chapter doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in healthier living.  You may be in the early stages of your own journey towards a nontoxic life and that’s completely okay. In fact, that’s the point of Chapters. With Savvy’s support, the fellowship of a few other women in your community, and your own positive attitude, you have everything you need to forge ahead in your journey toward nontoxic living and improve the health of your family, your community, and the planet. 


Who is Kristi Marsh?

After enduring chemotherapy and cancer as a young mom of three, Kristi Marsh skyrocketed to become one of our generation’s advocates on the swelling topic of personal environmental health. She founded the organization Choose Wiser, authored the book Little Changes, and has spoken at numerous events from the Senate building in Washington D.C. to the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in New York. 


What is Savvy Women’s Alliance’s mission?

Founder and Executive Director Kristi Marsh created the Savvy Women's Alliance to nurture women’s strengths to truly make change in their own lives, the lives of their families, and on a bigger scale. Now, the Savvy Women's Alliance connects women eager to make a difference in a thriving community of change-makers; with companies making safe products and food so that they can flex their economic muscles to move the market; and with other nonprofits running corporate and political campaigns so that they can take action on policies that protect our health.


What makes Savvy Women’s Alliance unique?

Savvy is unique in that it embraces a hybrid strategy of combining online communities with local on-the-ground chapters. Savvy recognizes that true change happens in a personal community network that fosters connection, sharing of local ideas through a positive culture of enthusiasm, encouragement and the celebration of little and big steps. When we unite through a whole-focus structure, we become powerful agents of change in our homes, schools and community.  


What is the Savvy Bill of Rights?

  • We have the right to pursue and place health of individuals, family, home, workplace, and planet as a guiding value.
  • We have the right to know what’s in the products we bring into our homes and put in, on, and around our bodies and those of our children.
  • We have the right to learn in a safe, intimate space, on our own time, with like-minded women, without aggressive, vulgar, attacking, negative or salesy influence.
  • We have the right to a transparent relationship between consumer and business with respect to ingredients, screening processes, and supply chains.
  • We often use the new and evolving tools, databases and apps for product research, but a core essence of women’s learning curve is to seek coveted personal recommendations.
  • We are an essential player in creating a safer world, and when united, our power - through the pocketbook, voting or education, growing leadership - contributes to a massive shift towards a safer culture for generations to come.
  • We recognize that true changes are activated when there is a personal community network, infused with connection, sharing of local ideas, leadership, enthusiasm and encouragement. When women unite through a community, local businesses and initiatives flourish.
  • We are part of a crucial generation who bears the honor of shifting the nontoxic movement to the new norm for future generations.


What are Savvy Women’s Alliance’s core principles?

COMMUNITY: Use virtual and real communities to make the topics of nontoxic living simplified, discussionable, shareable, and provide a welcoming intimate environment to learn. 

EDUCATION: Create and disseminate educational tools based on appropriate learning curve stages, unfolding science, and evolving needs of the members.

UNITY: Reach the tipping point of environmental health movement, which lies in numbers, by unifying women at all levels of awareness, to create a powerful, actionable army.

ACTION: Unite women with sister nonprofits and better-for-us businesses through collaboration, so that we may use our strength to not just better our own homes and health but to create lasting change.

EQUALITY: Use our growing strength to contribute to closing the gap for those who do not have the resources to care for their families, ability to learn, or who are urgently affected by toxic chemicals through an annual campaign at national and local level.