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Your written voice is incredibly important.  Help us reach those who need us.  Whether you would like to celebrate Savvy in a blog, or write an article, we can help you with a behind-the-scenes story or a personal interview.  How can we help you? 

Making it easy:

" BOSTON—A revolutionary new organization launches this year that aims to connect mainstream women to the environmental health movement, with the ultimate goal of creating the tipping point in the tide of citizens calling for safe food and products free from toxic chemicals that harm human health.

The Savvy Women’s Alliance is a first-of-its-kind nationwide organization dedicated to leading & nurturing mainstream women who are curious and new to nontoxic living, and turning them into powerful agents of change. The organization’s model is a cutting-edge combination of online social forums with real face-to-face chapters designed to unite, educate, nurture, and ignite women to make informed decisions leading to healthier lifestyles and a healthier world.  (continue...)"

Don't just share the story. Be the story.  

Women are waiting to learn from your voice. Join the Savvy writing team to explore a wide range of topics. We are always looking for those who want to share educational tips, or interview movement leaders, nonprofit organizations and businesses.  Our team is composed of both environmental health experts and passionate everyday women  as both positions contribute insight. 



"It wasn’t until I sat in on a Savvy Board meeting that I truly understood the complex workings of this amazing organization and the scope of their efforts. I was immediately proud to be part of something so much larger than myself, and a company I believed would truly change the world.
I knew from that day forward I would take any opportunity to be a part of Savvy as it was established and grew. I hope that by writing for Savvy, I can spread the word and get as many people as possible involved in the revolution."

Julia Condon