The New-Mainstream Norm Is On Its Way 


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True change is activated in a personal community network that fosters true connection, sharing of local ideas, leadership, enthusiasm and encouragement; when women unite through a community, they can be powerful agents of change.

It is the mission, duty and purpose of the Savvy Women’s Alliance Inc. to unite, educate, nurture, and ignite women to make informed decisions leading to healthier lifestyles and a healthier world. As an association, we simplify safe and nontoxic living for women by providing a welcoming community, enrichment and discussion tools, and powerful collaborative connections for impactful action.

We believe during these times of rapidly unfolding science and environmental health that women have the inherent right to protect their health, and the health of their families from harmful ingredients found in personal care products,  food, and other products. It is our duty to  ensure whenever possible every woman who wants to learn, participate, and make a difference will have a home as nontoxic living shifts to the new norm for mainstream women.

10 Year Old Medfield Green Transitions Into Savvy Chapter


Shout it from the rooftops. You know what to do. Dr-Oz.jpg

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