Questions About Our Chapters 

Please reach out to us anytime with questions. Don't be shy!


I am not an expert at chemicals, nontoxic living, or environmental health. Can I still participate in a Chapter?

You are the expert at being you. All that is required to participate is a bit of curiosity and a desire to learn about the little changes you can make to improve your health.  What you will find is that alone none of us knows everything, yet all of us have something to share, and together, the knowledge of just five (or ten or twenty) women is powerful enough to make tremendous changes in your community. Even if every single one is a skeptical beginner. Besides, we will be here supporting you with lots of tools and resources.


How much commitment does being in a Chapter require?

We want Chapter participation to be easy, fun, and something to look forward to. That said, we know how busy you are, and just ask that as a Chapter member, you make every effort to attend gatherings throughout the year. What you put in, you will get in return tenfold.

We suggest that all Chapters offer a minimum of eight gatherings a year. Once your Chapter is on a roll, members may want to offer gatherings on specific sub-topics, participate in regional events with other Chapters, or even attend Savvy’s national conference!


What is a Savvy Chapter? A Chapter Ambassador? A Gathering?

  • A Savvy Chapter is a group of women who realize the time is now to start making a healthier home within a community. Chapters are five (or more women) meeting at least eight times a year to support each other on the journey towards a healthier, more nontoxic life.  
  • A Chapter Ambassador is our hero.  Someone with a little fire inside to initiate gatherings, facilitate connections, and keep up a Chapter’s momentum.
  • A Gathering is any time Savvy women get together to share their knowledge, take part in an activity (such as a movie night or book discussion), support each other, etc. Often Chapter members decide what the topics will be, but we are here to provide you with ideas and resources to make it incredibly easy.


How do I find a Savvy Chapter?

Start here.  


I don't see a Savvy Chapter in my area, but I still want to be involved. What can I do?

Seeing as you are interested, we bet there are at least four other women in your community who are thinking the same thing.  Let's start here.  

We also offer ongoing volunteer opportunities  and they aren't dependent on being part of a chapter.  Volunteer opportunities will be listed on our website in the near future.


How do I start a Savvy Chapter?

Find five women and come up with eight dates in a year to get together.  Does that sound doable and exciting? We think so, and we’re here to make it really simple.


Is there a fee to join a Chapter?

Annual dues for all Savvy Members are $45.00, which go to the Savvy Women's Alliance national association.  As a national association, Savvy relies on these dues to help pay for the costs associated with running a nonprofit organization. 

As for specific Chapter fees, none exist right now, but in the future we may encourage local Chapter members to make a small donation directly to their Chapter. The proposed idea is to help offset gathering costs such as speakers, supplies for activities, entry to events, etc at the community level.


How are the Savvy Women’s Alliance donations and membership dues used?

Any income received is used for the basic requirements of running a nonprofit - such as insurance, CPA, legal advice, contract work, annual reports, shipping, and postage, laying the foundation for a strong nonprofit and future staff.  Since our inception, we have been blessed to run our nonprofit on the generosity of a growing volunteer team and committees and a significant in-kind software donation from HubSpot.

To support us further, you can make a donation here.   


I’ve heard of companies who sell nontoxic products. If I join a Chapter, will I be pressured to buy

these products?

You’re right, there are companies that specialize in selling nontoxic products. Savvy’s mission is about educating and supporting each other, so although some Savvy women are employed by or otherwise involved with these companies, they will not use Chapter gatherings to sell products, and you are under no obligation to purchase anything you don’t want to.

However, sometimes Savvy is able to arrange fantastic discounts with certain companies and you’re more than welcome to take advantage of those offers when they come around!


I like the idea of Chapters, but it just isn't for me.

No problem. We realize that women are involved in many activities and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We encourage you to poke around the Savvy Gatherings (our online community) or getting involved as a Savvy volunteer. If you’re interested in being becoming more involved by finding a meaningful way to create change in our world, we’ll find a way that works! Talk to us