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    Be Green Bath and Body

    Nourish Your Skin Safely ® 


    EWG Verified, Fragrance-Free Options, Gluten Free, Leaping Bunny, Nut Free Options, USDA Organic Ingredients, Vegan

    Products Offered

    Moisturizer, Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Body Lotion, Balms, Lip Balm, Hand Cream, Dry Shampoo, Body Oil, Hand Soap, Shower Gel, Powder, Shaving Foam, Makeup Remover, Hair Oil, Eczema/Psoriasis Moisturizers

    What Makes Us Savvy

    We have been devoted to providing simple, safe, affordable products since our founding and our products have been rated highly on the Skin Deep database since 2009. Meeting EWG verified's rigorous standards was not easy but it aligns with our mission of helping people live healthier lives. We are committed to helping Nourish Your Skin Safely®.

    Savvy's Picks

    Ylang Ylang Soothing Toner. We also love the selection of fragrance-free products. 

    Savvy Nugget

    Check out their blog post on plastic film recycling, "Recycle It: Plastic bags and so much more"

    Planet + Plants

    We buy as many organic ingredients as possible while still keeping the brand affordable. 


    We work with our suppliers/manufacturers to actively reduce contamination and/or for accuracy and purity of the ingredients. We actively take part in sustainable efforts through ingredients we choose, packaging, carbon footprint and/or recycling focuses. We offer essential oils and encourage users to be educated on the usage and application. We understand where EU Allergens are found in ingredients and how to share this forward with our consumers.

    Our mission statement:  Make safe, affordable skin care products without toxic chemicals using natural and organic ingredients that cause no unnecessary harm to the environment. 

    We care about our customers and the environment:  We focus our energy on being as environmentally responsible as possible.  We use the minimum amount of recyclable packaging for our products.  95% of our packing material is recycled: recycled air pockets, paper and foam peanuts.  Our office has 100% LED lighting.  All of our office paper products are post-consumer recycled.  We seek to lead by example, using raw materials that are biodegradable, not harmful to the environment and are as sustainable as possible.