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    Pure Haven 

    Beauty & Body, Baby & Kids, Cleaning Products, Household

    Products Offered

    We provide a wide range of personal care and cleaning products including but not limited to skin care, body care, baby care, home care and cleaning, etc.

    What Makes Us Savvy

    We own our own USDA Certified Organic Manufacturing facility and follow a proprietary ingredient sourcing and manufacturing process. We validate the source of every ingredient we use to ensure its purity. We commit to only produce products that are free from harmful toxins and are effective for their stated purpose. Our commitment is so absolute that we will not offer a product before we will offer a product that contains an ingredient that is known to potentially cause harm.

    Savvy Nugget

    New scientific research regarding the effects of harmful chemicals on our bodies is published every day. The decisions we make to continue to expose our bodies to these chemicals erode our health and our quality of life. The choice to change does not have to be expensive, it simply requires each of us to be aware and make more conscious decisions to remove these chemicals from our lives.

    Planet + Plants

    The effects of harmful chemicals do not just impact our bodies, they impact our planet. God provided so many wonderful plants and resources to meet our bodies needs. Through our USDA organic manufacturing facility and our unique commitment to provide products that are both safe and effective, we compound products using the earths pure ingredients. They are good for you and Mother Earth.

    Owned By

    Pure Haven is owned by four individuals who are committed to helping families by providing products that are safe and providing opportunities for those who would like to gain some financial support and independence



    The genesis of our mission began in 2008 with a passion to educate others about the cancer-causing, endocrine disrupting and health-compromising toxic chemicals that are present in personal care and home cleaning products. 

    In 2016, Pure Haven began manufacturing its own products and brought in new ownership.  The new owners immediately began investing in and developing a line of pure products that were both safe and effective. They invested in innovative formulation science and initiated a proprietary ingredient sourcing and manufacturing process. The result is a product line that is comprised of pure ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals and effective at providing your body with exactly what it needs.

    Today, Pure Haven delivers on the promise to not only educate consumers regarding the harmful ingredients that are in the products that they use every day but provide a complete line of personal care and home cleaning products that are safe for families. We aim to reduce the incident rate of all diseases and conditions that may be caused by toxic chemicals through educating and inspiring every person we meet to use products that are safe and effective. We promise to never compromise.

    Going Forward

    We have experience using third party chemical toxicology tools. We work with our suppliers/manufacturers to actively reduce contamination and/or for accuracy and purity of the ingredients. We actively take part in sustainable efforts through ingredients we choose, packaging, carbon footprint and/or recycling focuses. We are actively collaborative with other businesses, coalitions or nonprofits. We offer essential oils and encourage users to be educated on the usage and application. We take part in supporting state or federal efforts around safer, transparent and/or healthy legislation.