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Free-Of List

We ask brands to pledge that they are “Free-Of” the most problematic and harmful ingredients used in consumer products. Prohibited ingredients apply to intentionally added ingredients, intentionally used materials, and known incidental ingredients or contaminants in both product formulation and packaging. Review full listing in detail here.

Ingredient Transparency

Brands must be committed to ingredient transparency. This means full disclosure of ingredients on product labels and/or websites. Ingredients include fragrances, dyes and preservatives.

Full Brand

Brands included in our Savvy Recommendations comply with these elements across their full consumer product line, not just a portion of their line (e.g. 2 out of 5 products).

Continued Dialogue Contributing To Momentum

The pledge is more than a checklist--it is a dialogue. We are working toward the same goal: a healthier, safer home and planet. Through an open dialogue, we can share concerns, collaborate to find solutions, and celebrate success.

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