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Maybe you have been thinking about this topic for a while, but didn't know the best place to start.  Or, maybe you realize this is the year to dive in and make a few changes in your life. Or, is your heart quietly asking, "How can I be part of this movement?"   No worries; we created a tool for each situation  Enroll in these email series sequentially, or, in as many as you would like.  

  • Do you prefer quick tips?
  • Or enjoy being inspired? 
  • Know that in your heart, you get things done when joining others.  

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Is this for you? 

Quick tips are my style. 

A buffet of topics:  food,  cosmetics and more!

New to nontoxic living. 

Budget-Friendly Tips 



Is this for you?

Like to learn at my own pace. 

Curious to understand more. 

Ready to impact my home!

Mugshots Scavenger Hunt 



Is this for you?

Inspire me. 

Power is in the people.

How can I make an impact on the future?

  Inspirational Change Makers 

Step Two:  Follow the Savvy Path 

Make a change. Take a step forward. One monthly topic at a time....all delivered in a nicely bundled weekly blog.  Make sure to check out our most popular posts and categories, including featured member's stories.  Join us on The Savvy Path.  


Step Three:  What Is Your Social Style? 

Do you prefer late night online surfing? Or does a fun Girls Night Out sound like fun?  We offer both, but you don't have to choose. Members have full access to:

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