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Use Social Media Platforms To Grow Your Chapter


While we recognize the relevance and ease of social media, we ask you to follow these guidelines to uphold the Savvy Women's Alliance’s voice and branding.  

Doing so will respect our trademark, nonprofit status and the integrity of information we share.  The Savvy Women's Alliance is grateful for all that our Chapter Ambassadors do to create a welcoming and supportive environment and we thank you for your assistance in this matter.   

*We do understand that there is a 3-month window during the launch of a chapter to create excitement using our Guidelines on How To Create A Facebook Event Page.   



Six Social Media Do’s for the Savvy Women’s Alliance: 

  • Refer to us by our full name: Savvy Women's Alliance. Not Savvy or SWA. There are other Savvy's in the world, and there is a SWA.  This is to be respectful, develop our branding and to not comprise our trademark in process. 
  • Using images: When representing the Savvy Women's Alliance, request images we provide, including font, logo and photos and approval of the final product. We value your wisdom and what you create may be helpful for others, and we look forward to working collaboratively on materials. 
  • We are very particular about the news we share and where it is sourced from.  We encourage you to share news and science from our stream, as well as from our Founding Nonprofits.  
  • Share products carefully: To share excitement for business or products, use our existing blog posts, or share from our future Savvy Recommendations directory pages.  Do not share other brands or products on social media in relation to the Savvy Women's Alliance.  
  • Share times, dates and events:  Communicate details on your Chapter Discussion page and in the Savvy Cafe or internal emails.  Do not share times, dates and locations of Gatherings on public social media if the event is at private residence.  Otherwise, the general public does not need to know when or where (such as home addresses) women are meeting.  The exceptions to this would be public events you are hosting and your kick-off Meet and Greet. 


Six Social Media Don'ts when sharing Savvy Women's Alliance:  

  • Do not create social media pages to represent your chapter. (IE: Target has one Facebook page. Each store does not.  We have a central Facebook page for you to share forward from.) 
  • Do not download photos from the internet to use in association with the Savvy Women's Alliance. Organizations are sued all the time for using unapproved photos and images.
  • Do not share photos or video of our members' children or minors.
  • Do not include medical claims about products or brands, or answer with medical advice. 
  • Do not spotlight, attack or put down a brand or product negatively. The Savvy Women's Alliance is about promoting the good, not spotlighting the bad when it comes to products. 
  • Do not use inappropriate, threatening and/or fear-based language or statements.  When doom-and-gloom news arises, how can it be turned into a 'what can we do?'


What if? 

What if you as a Chapter Ambassador, or the Savvy Women's Alliance is aggressively targeted or attacked online?   Fortunately, these are few and far between, but as we continue to grow and create a presence, we will encounter this behavior. 

#1.  Do not engage.  There are known individuals and front groups who are paid to aggravate and attack. You will not win, prove or justify any comments they make. 

#2.  Contact us immediately:  If you can, please take a screen shot and attach to an email. 


Ways to share: 

  • Share your excitement about the Savvy Women’s Alliance and tag Savvy Women’s Alliance, include relevant website pages when possible. 
  • Share forward from our official Facebook page.  Our analytics show that most of our new member come to us through your shared posts. 
  • Post about why you are excited, what we mean to you, the possibilities with our existence. 
  • When discussing the Savvy Women's Alliance, be positive and encouraging.   The reason others will join and learn from you IS because you are a positive, encouraging and welcoming leader! 

We look forward to creating more share-able posts and images soon for your Chapter use!