Starting a Savvy Chapter is Easy. 

As Easy As Opening a A Chapter-In-A-Box?  

Pretty close!  With our support and the fellowship of a few other women in your community, you have everything you need to encourage and facilitate.   Why re-invent the wheel when trying build a community when we do all this to support you? 


An Example of A Chapter Resource Page


What it takes to start: 

  • A phone call to get to know us
  • 1-2 friends to help you launch as co-ambassadors
  • Planning and brainstorming fun as guided by our handbook

A few of tools we offer include:

  • Monthly Chapter Ambassador Chats (support and training calls) 
  • Quick Start Chapter Launch Handbook 
  • A Chapter Ambassador's online discussion room 
  • Regional events
  • National event
  • A full team of volunteer writers creating themed educational months and blog posts
  • Press releases and promotional tools
  • A chapter group email
  • Connection to the movement, nonprofits, authors and more
  • Your own chapter resource page (see below!)
As well as a volunteer team dedicated to see you thrive. 

Interested In Starting a Chapter? Let's talk.