Starting a Savvy Chapter is Easy. 

As Easy As Opening a A Chapter-In-A-Box?  

Pretty close! We will provide as much support as we can. We realize your chapter will reflect your members and your community, we strive to provide you with all the support, encouragement and structure to make this easy and fun as well as personalized.


Some of the Support We Offer: 

  • Ideas for your first gatherings as well as activities for future gatherings as well as wording and images to use to invite your friends. 
  • A Chapter Ambassador's online chat room.  Again, you are not alone. In this Discussion Room we are always growing and sharing ideas on how to make the most of our chapters. 
  • Your own welcoming, private Chapter Disccussion page. Now your members can interact, share tips, local resources and stay connected even when they are not in person.  Take a peek: 


How To Get Started:

Start The Engines  (10 seconds)  Fill out the "I'm Interested In Starting a Chapter" form to the right.  This starts the gears in motion but isn't a committment. 

Chat   (20 minute call)   We will schedule a time to chat in person over the phone. No commitment, just to  get to know each other. Write down your questions.   

Visualize   (As long as you want)  Five to fifty fun friends getting together for five Gatherings over a year.  

Design Your-Chapter-Name  (2 seconds)  Savvy Women of (insert town name here.)  Done! 

Choose a General "Gathering" Style   (Okay, maybe 10 seconds.)  How do you imagine your friends gathering?

  1. Friendly: GNO or Bookclub Feel, Living Rooms, Fireplaces and Couches
  2. Inviting: Community Spaces, Libraries, Churches, Cafes
  3. Work-Friendly: Luncheon Topics, Breasfast Speakers, After Hours Workshops 

 Set Up House  (1- 2 hours  for set up =  one hour for set up, one hour for exploring. )   We will send you a link to a Dasbhoard to  tour the to-dos.  

Look at you go! On your way to leading the world to a healthier place in just under three hours total! 


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