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Virtually Meet Jennifer B White, Film Producer 

  • October 10th, 2018  8:30 pm ET - 9:00 pm ET
  • Call-In National Gathering 
  • Open to Savvy Women's Alliance Members 
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We are delighted to bring you this special virtual Savvy Gathering and introduce you to Jennifer B. White! 

Jennifer B. White is an award-winning movie director, screenwriter and Hollywood movie marketing professional (The Wolfman, Robin Hood,Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Fast and Furious, Little Fockers, Larry Crowne, Cars 3 and more) and novelist Dead Asleep, Otherwise, and The Witch and the Devil’s Son). 

She is currently directing and producing Pretty Toxic, a documentary that boldly dives into the $450 Billion beauty care industry and ingredients in personal care products. 

White’s feature documentary, Pretty Toxic, takes the audience on a journey of discovery into the major products women use in their beauty care regime but doesn’t leave them stranded for answers. The movie reveals not only the health risks at stake but offers examples of safer alternatives to avoid common chemicals of concern.  The film will spark serious and perhaps controversial discussions as it exposes new and timely issues about the beauty industry’s economics, legislation, environmental issues, health risks, and the price consumers pay to be pretty. Be among the very first to hear what it's like working on this much needed project! 

Previously, the movie she wrote, directed and produced, Mary Loss of Soul, was awarded Best Director and Best Feature Film at Boston International Film Festival in 2014 and was nominated for Best Feature Film at Palm Beach International Film Festival. As co-executive producer on the thriller feature film Body, a Slamdance 2015 official selection, she knows what makes a great story and understands interest groups and target audiences intimately. In connection with her work with the studio Cinelou, she was interviewed by Warner Brothers and appears in the extended cut Blu-ray DVD of Batman vs. Superman.


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