Five Nuggets of Savvy Wisdom

We know our actions impact our environment. 


We understand how day-to-day choices can impact our air, water and the soil we grow our food in. 

Now, unfolding in our generation, is the growing understanding of how our environment interacts with the health of our beautiful bodies.  This is the essence of 'nontoxic living'.  It is also a massive topic that can fill books, make up entire college majors and continues to unfold daily.  

Yet, at the heart of it all, five core beliefs guide everything we offer:    

1. The products we bring into our homes, schools, and communities can impact the health of our bodies.  

Not just our health, but our children's, as well as the air, water and soil around us. The good news? Our informed choices and decisions have an incredible impact on our surroundings.  


2. Despite what we were raised to believe, what is on the shelf is not always safe.

This is a heart-breaking moment for most.  Yes, products with harmful ingredients can be found everywhere: in cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products, and even in our food.  Surprisingly, it is perfectly allowable in our country.

Savvy simplifies learning about these harmful ingredients and explains how to make better choices.  


3. Gratefully, not all chemicals or ingredients are toxic. (Whew!) 

However, Savvy is concerned with those that are harmful. Chemicals come in many forms. Sometimes created in a lab, sometimes created by Mother Nature. Sometimes present in hefty doses, sometimes in inconceivably small amounts. Regardless of their origin or their amount, we believe harmful chemicals don’t belong in products, in our homes, or in our bodies.  


4. We celebrate movement forward.

We acknowledge that sometimes there isn’t a perfect product option, free from all ingredients that are questionable. Sometimes we strive to identify an alternative product,  which is a better option than the one you might be using now.  It's not a this-or-that choice, but a presentation of alternatives that look more like stairsteps. 


5. We have the right to know and understand.

We have the right to life, and to protect our health.  We have the right to learn what is in our products,  how to protect our health, and how to actively support organizations looking out for us, as well as become advocates for protective legislation 



Our Lovely Approach To "Nontoxic Living"  

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