Join the Team



The Savvy Writing Team is a key piece of communicating and growing Savvy: giving the organization faces, personalities, and role models, not to mention taking intimidating subjects like cancer-causing chemicals or GMOs and interpreting them into bite-sized pieces for women new to the movement to take on.

Writing topics will include:

  • Interviewing and celebrating better for us business
  • Interviewing and celebrating nonprofits
  • Educational focuses and themes
  • Celebrating others
  • Celebrating YOU, your story, your place in the movement.
  • … and for a few writing styles, opportunities to write about toxins with a fun and dare we say, lightly sarcastic, witty style.

From now through June 2016, the Savvy Writing Team is on a volunteer basis, just like the rest of the Savvy team (oh, how we love start up nonprofits). 



Send an introductory email to team@savvywomensalliance and include: 

  • Paragraph on why you are interested
  • Topics you are passionate about (i.e. GMOs, pesticides, toxic chemicals in household products, etc.)
  • Three links to your work that show your best voice, storytelling style, explaining a complex topic, or recommending a product
  • Follower numbers: Email open rate and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram followings.  *Writers will not be chosen on this alone—new to the movement writers are encouraged as well!

We are accepting emails of interest on an ongoing basis.  We’ll select our additions to our team of writers quarterly.